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Choosing medical billing software doesn’t have to be an exhaustive, painstaking process. Whether you’ve outgrown your current medical billing software or you are transitioning to a paper-light system for the first time, shopping for medical billing solutions is a good opportunity to identify the inefficiencies in your practice processes and address them, together with the right technology provider.

There are a few things to keep in mind when searching for medical billing solutions.

Below are practical examples of key practice processes and how they should be supported by your medical billing software:

Appointment scheduling: An online calendar – helps you capture patient information. Having accurate patient data upfront will minimise your claim rejection rate later on in the patient collection journey.

Appointment confirmation: Appointment SMS reminders – prevents no-shows which helps minimise lost revenue.

Patient check-in: Automated benefit checks – allows you to know if a patient is covered or not for a consult. This will help your practice with the type of payment conversation you need prior to the consultation.

Claiming: Real-time electronic claiming – gives you instant feedback as to whether a claim will be paid or not. If you know the amount that the patient is liable for before they leave your practice.

CollectingPayment SMS reminders – helps collect cash with little to no effort, freeing up your staff to carry out their day and engage more with patients at the practice for their appointments.

ReconcilingAutomated reconciliation – will save your practice hours of valuable time.

Reporting: Business Value Reports – lets you review your practice data to assess how you are doing from a clinical, and financial point of view.

In summary, medical billing software should include functionality to address every part of the medical billing workflow, from scheduling appointments to processing payments to reporting on practice profitability.


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What are the benefits?
Medical billing software should simplify your admin processes while helping you to maintain control of your cash flow.
Improved efficiency
Your medical billing software should have smart automations to streamline and simplify your claims management processes.
Increased profitability
Your medical billing software should have claim templates which help you to bill each service at the highest billable level.
No additional IT costs
Your medical billing software should be cloud-based so you don’t need to worry about additional hardware, manual updates and desktop support.
Frequently Asked Questions
General medical billing FAQs
Medical billing software is a business tool that practices use to facilitate and automate their revenue cycle management (RCM) / billing processes.  Ideally this software should simplify and bring more efficiency to processes such as checking patient benefits, claiming, reconciling and collecting; thereby improving practice profitability.
There are 4 factors that typically drive the pricing of medical billing software: i) Features offered (e.g. Real-time claims, automated benefit checks, etc) ii) Technology platform used (Cloud vs desktop application) and iii) Speciality (General practitioner vs Anaesthetist) and iv) The size of the medical practice i.e. no. of claims sent/patients seen.

Through automating key admin processes within the patient collection journey, medical billing software can help staff collect quicker with less effort. To find out more information on how this is done, click here.

  1.  Time-saving: Cloud services are owned, operated and maintained by a remote third party, so you don’t have to waste valuable time maintaining or upgrading the system.
  2.  Security: The cloud provider is responsible for ensuring that the latest data security protocols are in place to protect your data from potential threats. By choosing a POPI compliant cloud-based digital health solutions provider you can safeguard against your patients’ sensitive data being used, accessed or shared without their permission.
  3.  Accessibility: All you need to access the cloud is a device with internet connectivity – meaning you can access important information from your desk or even at the patient’s bedside in real-time.
  4.  Analysis: With a cloud-based solution you can easily gather and interpret data from a range of sources, such as EMRs, billing claims or online patient booking platforms to optimise processes and services.
  5. Reliability: Data is backed up automatically to the cloud so you have real-time access to accurate information at all times.
All medical practices need to be careful about protecting sensitive patient, financial and other data. Doing so requires a mix of employee education, smart use of technology and physical security of buildings. Click here are some more helpful tips on how to keep your data safe.

Medical practice data can be one of your most powerful tools to help you run your medical practice. There are 4 ways that data acquired from routine processes can help you optimise your medical practice, namely by:

  1. helping you maximise your consultation time
  2. helping you decide which medical aid(s). if any, to contract with
  3. helping you refine your service offering to patients
  4. helping you control bad debt

Find more details here.

A medical billing bureau timely and efficiently manages the medical practice’s revenue cycle management process. The bBureau helps medical professionals to focus on patient care instead of administration and accounting.

Yes. As a doctor, your top priority is to focus on caring for patients and providing excellent service—not sweating over billing admin. That is why medical professionals often opt to outsource the admin side of their billing. Click here for more info.

Starting a business of any kind requires know-how, planning, resources, and, most importantly, a product or service for which there’s a market. Once you have identified your market, start assessing products to help you with the admin side of billing. Click here for more info on our Bureau solution.
Healthbridge medical billing products FAQs

Healthbridge has 2 different medical billing solutions which have been designed to suit certain specialities.

iHealth: Is designed for Specialists and bureaus. To find out more, click here.

myMPS: Is designed for general  practitioners, most allied health professionals and optometrists. To find out more, click here.

Healthbridge has a variety of medical billing software services for General Practitioners (GPs); most Specialists such as Anaesthetists, surgeons and cardiologists; Allied health professionals such as physiotherapist, psychiatrists and chiropractors and Optometrists. Don’t see your speciality? Contact us to find out what solution we have for you.
Healthbridge’s medical billing software pricing is based on a percentage model. The percentage model takes into account i) Your monthly claim value and ii) speciality. Contact us for a customised quote for your practice.
We do not believe in locking practices into a long term contract. If you are unhappy you can terminate our services with a 1 month notice period.
Healthbridge’s medical billing software uses state-of-the-art cloud-based software/technology. If you have an internet connection and a device, you can use our services.
Yes. At Healthbridge, we believe that doctors should focus on caring for patients and providing excellent service—not sweating over billing admin. That is why clients using our myMPS service offering can opt to use our billing management service, where we take care of your claims management. To find out more, click here.

Healthbridge’s medical billing software is available nation-wide. We service all 9 provinces including Gauteng (GP), KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), Western Cape, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, North West, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and the Freestate. We also have head offices in Gauteng, KZN and Cape Town.


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Medical billing software that will simplify your admin
Below is our medical billing product suite. Click the tabs to view each offering.

Best suited for General Practitioners, Allied Professionals and selected Specialists. To read more about myMPS Billing, click here.


Calendar with integrated benefit checks

Receive fully-processed claim responses, indicating what medical aids will or won’t cover for most of your medically-insured patients.


Family check

Validate medical aid membership details for all dependents. Accurate and current details are automatically imported.


Fully processed claiming

Receive fully-processed claim responses, indicating what medical aids will or won’t cover for most of your medically-insured patients.


Proof of submision

For each claim sent you will recieve a claim certificate, proving that the claim has been submitted to the medical aid.



Generate and submit invoices to Medical Aids and/or patients and insurance companies.


Auto reconcilliation

Have your claims automatically reconciled, saving you and your staff hours of precious time.



To-do list of admin action items per user profile.


SMS notifications

Send SMS reminders to patients, including notifications on outstanding accounts and upcoming appointments.


Financial reports

Comprehensive practice performance reports that include end-of-day and month-end reports.

Best suited for Anaesthetist (click here for more info) and Bureaus (click here for more info).

Global icon

Global patient search

Using minimal search criteria, you can search for existing patient account details within the iHealth community, avoiding unnecessary recapture of patient information.


Global claim templates

Create customisable templates which will have the correct rates and rich modifiers so you can send claims easily at the maximum value.


Data cruncher

Every night, using AI, the system will study your most common ICD 10 codes, procedures and consumables used and present this report to you in a simple list that you can action.


Automated reconciliations

Have the majority of your claims automatically reconciled, saving your practice precious time.


Configurable pricing

Your practice’s billing can be setup according to your preferred rates with ease. All pricing will then be allocated automatically without manual interventions required.


Easy invoicing

Statements and invoices are generated and automatically sent.


Family check

Check medical aid membership validation for all dependents. Accurate and current details are automatically imported.


SMS notifications

Send SMS invoices and payment reminders to patients.


Claim tracker

Enables you to monitor payments that have come through for claims. Makes it much easier to organise your claims so that it’s easy to identify tasks for the day.


Online payment portal

Enable patients to make easy payments immediately through an online portal.


Claim reversals

Fix and resubmit claims sent in error.


Customised report packs

View customisable financial reports in real-time.


Business insights dashboard

View key business metrics around your financial and operational data that will give you insights to help you improve efficiency.

Best suited for PMA brands: Elixir, ME+, Healthfocus. Click here for more info.


Benefit checks

The Benefit Checker app makes it convenient to check patients’ benefits for most major medical aids in one system. And with the instant responses, you won’t need to phone the medical aids anymore.


Fully-processed claiming

Receive fully-processed claim responses indicating what medical aids will or won’t cover for most of your medically-insured patients. This means your staff can have an informed discussions about payment with patients before they leave your rooms.


Automated reconcilliations

Did you know that a remittance advice with just a hundred lines takes approximately 2 hours to reconcile? You can reduce this to two minutes by having your claims automatically reconciled, saving hours of precious admin time and making your staff more efficient.


Business insights

Both the doctor and staff get their own specially designed practice performance reports. At a glance, you will know what’s working well and what needs attention. You’ll also see the extent to which the practice is benefiting from using the Healthbridge 360 products.

Best suited for PMA brands: Elixir, ME+, Healthfocus. To read more, click here.


Fully processed claiming

Receive fully-processed claim responses indicating what medical aids will or won’t cover for most of your medically insured patients. This means your staff can have an informed discussions about payment with patients before they leave your rooms.


Electronic remittances

Simplify your reconcilliation process by having 90% of your remittance advices (Ras) from medical aids sent straight to your email as an electronic link.

Medical billing software that will simplify your admin

Below are our medical billing product offerings. Click the tabs to find the one that is best suited to your unique practice.

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