Experience effortless access to electronic patient files during consultations with our clinical cloud-based EMR options. It seamlessly integrates with billing & is crafted in collaboration with medical professionals. It combines intuitive design with streamlined functionality, prioritising ease of use and efficiency to meet the needs of healthcare providers seamlessly.

Healthbridge Clinical

Designed for general practitioners & specialists:

Empower your healthcare practice with our clinical software. Easily manage all your patient files, clinical notes, pathology reports, sick notes, prescriptions, referrals prescribed medicines & so much more digitally.

Clinical Notes

Designed for allied professionals: 

An all-in-one clinical note solution designed for allied professionals to deliver better patient care while running a good business. Manage your patient scheduling, clinical notes, medical billing, Telehealth, reports & so much more.


Tailored to orthopaedic surgeons:

Software that integrates seamlessly with the Surgeon’s Clinical workflow to ensure that all practice processes interact efficiently, providing certainty to your day.


Tailored to anaesthetists:

An intelligent, cloud-based clinical software designed to make the complicated world of anaesthetic medical billing & clinical coding easier, faster & more accurate.

Value-added services

Innovative product add-ons to enhance your Healthbridge experience.

Clinical software FAQ

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) refer to digital versions of patients; medical histories, diagnoses, treatments, medications, & other healthcare-related information. EMR systems allow healthcare providers to create, store, & access patient records electronically, replacing traditional paper-based records with secure, centralised digital repositories.

A good question to ask when choosing a system is what happens if I want to leave the practice? A good EMR, who has the patient and doctor’s best interests at heart & the legalities around storing patient files, should at least allow that doctor to access those records for the stipulated amount of time.

A good question to ask when choosing a system is what happens if I want to leave the practice? A good EMR, who has the patient and doctor’s best interests at heart & the legalities around storing patient files, should at least allow that doctor to access those records for the stipulated amount of time.

Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems improve patient care by giving access to the same comprehensive & up-to-date patient information to the relevant healthcare providers. This enhances communication & collaboration among healthcare professionals, reduces medical errors, streamlines clinical workflows, & empowers patients to actively participate in their healthcare.

The good ones are. Clinical software that is integrated & can immediately send a claim through, will save a practice a lot of time & effort. So, if it can convert the clinical encounter into a claim & give practices the option of submitting it straight to the medical schemes, you have a better chance of collecting payment before the patient leaves the practice.

It’s always best to look for a solution that has been designed specifically for your speciality.

Look for a local solution. International solutions have features and even healthcare terminologies that we don’t use or need in South Africa and it just adds clutter and complexity to the system or a medical practice. Look for a system that integrates the admin and billing side of your practice. You want to be sure that your clinical information can be converted to billing information without duplicating effort or needing to sign in and out of systems to manage patients and your practice. And bear in mind that good clinical software brings benefit to the admin person too – not just the doctor.

Digital security is actually a lot safer than physical security. For example, there’s no way of knowing when a paper file goes missing, unless maybe when you need it & can’t find it. That doesn’t happen with electronic records. It’s similar to internet banking – initially it was met with caution and uncertainty, but I think most people would agree that it’s safer to pay for something electronically than to manually draw & carry cash from an ATM. 

So how safe is your data? It’s actually safer than having it on paper. And as a doctor, it reduces your risk that are the result of misplaced files, unauthorised access, missing information, incomplete or incorrect information

The most direct route is to ask the solution provider the question but it’s actually more than a simple yes or no. Some good questions to ask are: what steps are you taking to remain POPI compliant? How are you staying abreast & ahead of the latest security challenges & risks? Bearing in mind that security goes much broader than POPI compliance

The cost of implementing clinical software / EMR system varies depending on factors such as the size & complexity of the practice, the chosen technology partner, the desired features & functionalities, implementation & training requirements, & ongoing support & maintenance expenses. For detailed pricing information, please contact our sales team for a free practice health assessment & personalised quote.

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How does the Healthbridge Electronic Medical Records Software work?

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) play a critical role in modern healthcare delivery. Our EMR software is designed along with working clinicians to truly streamline clinical workflows, enhance patient care, & improve practice efficiency.

Healthbridge EMR software offers a comprehensive suite of features & functionalities to digitise & optimise clinical operations. Our EMR system allows healthcare providers to create, update, & access patient files electronically. No more paper files, misplaced reports, & transcription errors. Healthbridge’s EMR allows you to easily & quickly:

  • Capture & store patient medical histories, diagnoses, treatment plans & progress notes.
  • Gives you an up-to-date snapshot of the patient’s medical history that is easy to use in consultation.
  • Electronically issue prescriptions, sick notes, & referral letters.
  • Store all essential patient information securely in a centralised, cloud-based EMR system that can be accessed from any where.

By removing the need for paper files, & the associated risks of loss, theft or damage, Healthbridge EMR goes one step further to help healthcare professionals deliver the best possible care to their patients. Healthbridge EMR can also be seamlessly integrated with practice management software & medical billing solutions to give you an end-to-end system designed to grow with your business.

The benefits of the Healthbridge EMR System:

With clinical software solutions tailored to GPs & Specialists, Allied health professionals, Anesthetists, & Orthopedic surgeons, our EMR is designed to address real-world needs medical practices face every day.

Here are some of the benefits of Healthbridge electronic health records:

  • Improved clinical efficiency: EMR software reduces administrative burden by automating routine tasks. This boosts productivity & enables healthcare providers to focus more on patient care.
  • Better care coordination: Healthbridge EMR facilitates the seamless exchange of information between systems. This enables care coordination among different providers & care settings, leading to improved patient outcomes.
  • Increased patient satisfaction: Patients want to feel seen & heard in consultation. Our EMR is designed to give you all the information you need at your fingertips. This reduces the distraction that comes with flipping through paper files or looking for test results. You can focus on the patient, capture, access, & store the information you need to provide the best care.
  • Better clinical decision-making: Healthbridge EMR provides clinicians with timely access to comprehensive patient data, decision support tools, & evidence-based guidelines, empowering them to make informed clinical decisions that drive better outcomes & improve patient safety.
  • Compliance & security: Healthbridge EMR adheres to industry standards & regulatory requirements for data security & privacy, ensuring that patient information is protected against unauthorized access, breaches, & compliance violations.

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