Outsourced billing

Healthbridge Bureau. You take care of your patients, we take care of your billing admin.

Healthbridge Bureau provides medical billing and coding services to healthcare professionals, ensuring accurate and efficient processing of medical claims. This service helps practices get paid faster, saving time and resources for better patient care.

Clinical software

Clinical EMRs that cater to various medical disciplines. 

Practice assessment

Customised assessment to cater to unique practice needs.

Digital Claims

Digital claims capturing and submission using the Healthbridge Clinical EMR system.

Same-day billing

Same-day billing to medical aids by expert staff. AI-driven optimisation of claims for correct modifiers, tariffs, and procedure codes.

Enhanced cash flow

Enhanced cash flow with improved month-on-month age analysis.

Debt reduction

Decreased patient and medical aid bad debt through improved claim send and rejection rates.

Reconcile effortlessly

Remittance advice reconciliation and notifications of outstanding amounts.

Business reporting

Operational, financial, and business performance reports.

Value-added services

Innovative product add-ons to enhance your Healthbridge experience.

Outsourced billing FAQ

At no additional cost to the practice, we are able to manage the initial bank account registration process with participating medical schemes.

Whether you bill at scheme rates, PMB rates or you have a customised billing structure, we manage your collections and submissions to meet your individual practice requirements.

Our efforts focus on minimising your bad debt in your practice. While it is not always possible to eradicate bad debt, we endeavour to exhaust every collection avenue before requesting that an account be written off. We will of course discuss this thoroughly with you and in accordance with your requirements and consent.

Upon receiving a payment remittance from a medical scheme, we utilize it to reconcile the funds deposited into your bank account. To efficiently provide this service, we request consistent submission of your bank statements. In cases where bank statements are not received, reconciliation will be carried out based on the remittances received.

We assess your practice according to size & needs. Based on this assessment our fees are calculated on the money collected from patients and medical schemes, not the amount that you bill.

You and your practice have access to a dedicated account administrator that will oversee all your needs. These include procedures, billing codes and any other tailored needs your practice requires. Healthbridge will follow up on authorisations on behalf of the practice.

Our service team will transfer your existing data over to our system and keep you informed along the way.

Absolutely not. Your dedicated employees are one of the most important elements of your practice, especially to welcoming and looking after your patients. Healthbridge will support your practice by taking care of your accounts and payments, liaising with medical schemes & reducing bad debt. This all while your daily administrative duties will still be managed your front-of-house staff.

The processing and payment timelines for claims submitted depend on the policies set by individual medical schemes. Nevertheless, medical schemes often conduct regular payment runs. Our billing software facilitates real-time claim submission, initiating the processing promptly. It’s important to note that claims falling under Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB) may have varied processing and payment schedules, and we adhere to stringent guidelines to minimize any potential delays in these specific claims.

Healthbridge provides you with a specialised account administrator who you are free to contact any time, for any practice related matter. We also provide comprehensive practice reporting which can be customised to your practice needs.

In the event of a valid claim being rejected or partially paid by the scheme, we initiate an escalation process to minimize the patient’s responsibility. We meticulously review claim submissions, addressing any errors to facilitate the approval of accurate claims. In instances where the patient bears liability, we strive to recover the funds from them under terms that are mutually agreeable for the healthcare provider.

Professionally. We explore every communication avenue together with our credit controllers to contact the patient and maintain the balance of practice integrity with ensuring that payments are made.

All your data will be secure and stored on secure cloud-based servers on your behalf, ensuring business continuity. Healthbridge is both POPIA and HIPAA compliant and will allow you to access your data at any time. There is no need to back up any data and all updates to the system are instantaneous.

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