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Clinical software

Clinical software designed to meet the specific needs of your medical profession. Easily become paperless & benefit from electronic patient files. It's remarkably easy to use during consultation.

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in-house billing

In-house billing

Medical billing solutions allow you to pinpoint inefficiencies in your practice workflows. Choose the right technology provider to enhance and streamline your practice effortlessly.

Outsourced billing

Elevate your focus on patient care and exceptional service with Healthbridge Bureau, dedicated to assisting specialists and large healthcare practices with their administrative & billing needs.

outsourced billing for specialists

Software for bureaus

Easy-to-use, customisable cloud-based software designed to automate billing & collections for your bureau & the practices you serve.


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Client testimonials

"I didn’t want a ‘one-size-fits-all’ product. The system had to flow the way doctors want to work. Healthbridge Clinical is based on the SOAP model & enables doctors to capture consultations by either typing their notes or by using easy to click through templates, or a combination of both."
Dr Esat - General Practitioner
"The system needed to trend patient data, so I could provide better patient care. Patient paper files makes trending data almost impossible. Healthbridge Clinical easily collates important patient data into meaningful trending graphs, giving you insight into your patient’s health over time."
Dr Castelyn - General Practitioner
“I needed a solution that could send billing data seamlessly to my billing system. Healthbridge Clinical automatically converts your diagnosis, procedures, consumables & medication into billing instructions that can be sent directly to medical aids, or saved to be sent by staff later.”
Dr Israel - General Practitioner

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