Dr Digital: how to manage change during a software swap

It all comes down to relationships, really. Medical practitioners value and understand relationships – from providers to patients, they’ve built their practice on their ability to connect with people on a very personal level. Software businesses need to respect that; same to the environment they work in. A software provider who is managing change in your practice needs to consider and understand this. When deciding on a new system and solution, you should consider whether your software provider will also be your change partner.

Here is what we at Healthbridge have learnt from years of managing change in practices…

Getting staff buy-in

Your practice team needs to be excited about the change. They need to understand why their role is important to the new solution. It’s vital to not only help the team navigate through the change, but have them understand the value they will gain from the new solution. Training should be offered during, and after the implementation. But, ensure your software provider includes your team in the planning around implementation, rather than simply training them on how to use the solution.

Have a plan that meets your needs

Every practice is unique. Recognising and appreciating this will often help the software provider find the right solution that fits the needs of your practice. The provider should send a step-by-step overview to steer you through the transition.

There is, however, no set template for on-boarding every practice, but a strong relationship with a clear plan guided by your provider will always be the cornerstone of steady on-boarding.

Managing the transition

Getting your new software up and running can be quite the hurdle. Having invested in smart software is of no use if you are not shown the ropes in how to get the best from it. A good software provider should be sufficiently available to handhold you and the team through the transition period. Remember, the best software providers should keep your practice running smoothly during the transition period. This includes assisting you to wind down your old systems while simultaneously bringing new, improved process into your practice, without any loss in data or downtime. A good provider not only avoids downtime but also considers the effect that change brings to the patient experience. 

For more information on how to make the software switch, please email me at queries@healthbridge.co.za.

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