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cellphone - get paid faster and easier

Offering patients digital payment options such as SnapScan improves your chances of getting paid and thereby reducing bad debt.

Benefits that go beyond standard reports

As much as patients want a convenient way to make an appointment with your practice, they also want convenient ways to make payment. Traditional card and EFT payments are making way for cardless digital channels because, while people can easily forget their wallets, they rarely forget their phones.



It’s fast and payments can be accepted from virtually anywhere, anytime.


Low risk

Transactions can only go through if there are funds in the patient’s account.



No additional service & point-of-service (POS) device fees required.

How does SnapScan Billing work?

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SnapCodes on your invoices can be scanned with the app so patients can pay wherever they are. These codes can be added to both printed and digital statements, and provide patients with an easy call to action on amounts due.

Billing via email is a quick and affordable way to notify patients of outstanding amounts and it’s easy for them to scan a SnapCode on their computer screen for direct payment. When opened on a mobile phone, customers will simply click the paylink and be transferred to the SnapScan payment page in the app to settle the bill instantly.

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