iHealth for Bureaus

Designed for bureaus. Trusted by doctors

iHealth for Bureaus is an easy-to-use, customisable cloud-based platform designed to automate billing & collections for your bureau & the practices you serve.

How iHealth Bureaus works for your Bureau

Pre-patient visit & check in


Capture patient info

Avoid unnecessary recapture
of patient information by

searching for patient account

details within
Global community


Schedule appointment using integrated Calendar

The appointment is recorded &
managed in an online calendar

with automated patient benefit

checks that will let you know

what the patient’s medical

aid will & won’t cover. An

automated SMS appointment

reminder will be sent prior to

their appointment.


Patient check-in

Validation of medical aid
membership for all dependents

is performed electronically

upon check-in, ensuring

accurate & current details are

imported automatically.

Post-patient visit


Claim & do reversals

Billing instructions sent to your
Bureau upon patient check-

out. Templates with the correct

pricing rates & rich modifiers

ensure simple, accurate

claiming. Quickly & easily fix &

resubmit claims sent in error.



Know the status of your claims &
better manage your collections,

by viewing & tracking the status

of each claim submitted within a
single view.


Invoice & reconcile

Statements & invoices are generated & automatically sent, ensuring accurate & quick invoicing. Majority of your claims are automatically reconciled, saving hours of precious time



Online payment portal & SMS
notifications make it easier to

Managing your Bureau


Admin task management

Set tasks, reminders & notes
functionality at patient account


Staff performance reports

Track & know at a glance
how each staff member is
performing, with comprehensive
admin staff reporting


Dynamic reporting & Business Insights dashboards​

View business dashboards that provide valuable insights into the financial & operational well-being of your practice. These dashboards give an overview of your detailed data which you can then dig deeper/drill down should anything be highlighted


Cloud technology

Access to your business no matter where you are in the world. No additional software required. Secure data. notifications make it
easier to collect.


Easy invoicing

Invoices are generated &
automatically sent to the Practices you serve based on how you charge. These invoices can be configured to charge i) a monthly fixed fee, ii) a percentage of income iii) or a percentage of turnover.

iHealth offers advanced reporting designed for Bureaus

iHealth for Bureaus functions & features.

iHealth medical billing features

Global Patient Search

Data Cruncher

Configurable Pricing

Family Check

Claim Tracker

Claim Reversals

Global Claim Templates

Automated Reconciliations

Easy Invoicing

Configurable Invoices

SMS Notifications

Online Payment Portal

Customised Report Packs

Business Insights Dashboard

iHealth staff management features

Rich Admin User Profile Set-up

Admin Task Management

Email Inbox

Staff Performance Tracking

iHealth value-Add feature

Personalised Bureau Logo (Optional)

Resources for you

Running a practice isn’t easy. Here are a few resources that we have compiled to
help make the business side of your practice more manageable.

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