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Healthbridge Bureau helps Specialists & large healthcare practices focus on caring for patients & providing excellent service. We achieve this by improving your medical practice’s efficiency by up to 10%, giving you the time & confidence to focus on what really matters – your patients. 


Our Bureau service will improve your practice’s efficiency by 10% in 1 of 3 ways, namely by:  

i) improving topline claim value with our unique AI tool that ensures correct/optimised modifiers, tariffs & procedure codes 
ii) improving month-on-month age analysis providing better cash flow for the practice 
iii) decreasing both patient & medical aid bad debt by improving your claim send rate & reducing your claim rejection rate

Our Bureau service boasts a collection rate of 93% & we pride ourselves on being your ‘trusted’ partner & not just another service provider.

How our Bureau service supports your medical practice

  • No obligation practice assessment is performed to ensure your unique needs are catered for
  • Efficient digital claims capturing & submission to the bureau
  • Same day billing to medical aids by expert bureau staff
  • Optimal medical aid pricing set up to ensure that billing
    is done at the correct rates
  • Fix & resubmission of rejected claims
  • Reconciliation of remittance advices
  • Notifications to patients of outstanding amounts
  • Operational, financial & business performance reports
  • Access to electronic clinical notes stored securely
    in the cloud*



After joining Healthbridge Bureau the financial department stress has eased significantly. As the
reconciliations & follow-ups with medical aids as well as patients are done timeously, giving me more
room to focus on the internal processes of the practice.

The bureau services have really helped in debt collections with patients. Most bureau’s do not keep the
practice updated regularly with the outcome of claims and payments, however my experience with Healthbridge was not the same as other bureaus, I am constantly receiving emails on accounts that require urgent attention and reports that show my claimed and outstanding figures for the month.

This has really given me peace of mind knowing that my accounts are well-taken care of. I would
recommend their services to other doctors as Healthbridge bureau staff are professional and friendly, thus making it easier to communicate and ask for assistance where needed. This shows their take on customer excellence, which I believe every person looks for.


Dr Y Bhagwan | Specialist Surgeon | KwaZulu-Natal

How our Bureau service helps you & your practice thrive


Increased productivity

  • No more wasted time fixing & resubmitting rejected claims
  • No more painful conversations with
    medical aids & patients around outstanding money
  • Easy to understand reports that
    lets you know instantly how your
    practice is performing
  • Smart Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    technology makes ICD 10 codes,
    procedures & consumables
    selection intuitive & more accurate.

Improved profitability & cash flow

  • More money as claims are optimised & vetted before they are sent to the medical aid
  • We follow up with patients timeously ensuring better cash
    flow for your business
  • Save on staff salaries & bonuses, telephone & stationery costs

Better patient relationships

  • You no longer need to have awkward payment conversations with your patients that can impact
  • Increased patient retention as you will have more time to focus on patient treatment

How our Bureau service works

You send us the billing instructions & we take care of the rest

Should you outsource your admin to a Bureau service?

Download our ebook to find out everything you need to know about outsourcing your billing admin

Medical billing is one of the most complicated aspects of running a medical practice. There are thousands of possible codes for diagnoses & procedures, multiple payers, & the additional complexity of collecting payments. Despite this, billing is a crucial part of every medical practice, no matter the size.

The real challenge when it comes to achieving efficient billing is that it requires skilled, dedicated staff & a constant view of claims & payments. This can mean a lot of extra effort & stress on an already busy schedule. For many private practitioners, this preempts the question – is it time to outsource billing to a third party?

Even if you’ve already decided that outsourcing your billing is right for your medical practice, there isn’t a one size fits all solution. In this ebook we discuss the pros & cons of outsourcing your billing & what you should consider when selecting a suitable billing partner.

Medical billing Bureau FAQs

At Healthbridge, we have the proprietary cloud-based software we use to handle all your billing processes from beginning to end. You don’t need any additional software for submitting your billing instructions to us. With a simple push of a button, we’ll receive all your claims. We’ll help with setup & full system training.

Once we receive your claim, your claim is vetted by our dedicated claims administrator team to ensure it does not contain any errors & that we get the maximum out of each claim. Our team sends claims electronically as it’s the fastest & the most efficient way to get results. We strive for an 8 hour turnaround time from when we receive the data.

Upon sign up you are assigned your own dedicated claims administrator who is responsible for all your accounts received. We are able to process eRA which is a more efficient way of reconciling claims. Our claims administrators are skilled in following up on all short and non-paid claims from medical aids and patient liables.

We provide daily/weekly/monthly/annual/ad hoc reports based on customer requirements. We also generate financial status, aging, collection, submission, journaled & other reports as the client wishes (at the end of the month). Our reports are well detailed & contain the progress of on-going claims & a complete account of all activities performed. We also provide Business Insights (BI) reports at the end of each month that gives you an idea of how well your practice has grown.

Resources for you

Running a practice isn’t easy. Here are a few resources that we have compiled to
help make the business side of your practice more manageable.

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