Healthbridge referral programme terms & conditions

For each referral that you submit that successfully signs up with Healthbridge, you will receive the following cash incentive based on your referral’s monthly claim volume.

Incentive value for claim numbers:

R1000 (1-250 claims)
R2000 (251-749 claims)
R3000 (750-999 claims)
R4000 (1000+ claims)

Terms & conditions

  • The referred healthcare professional must not have used Healthbridge within the past 3 months
  • The referred person must be a healthcare professional or a Bureau
  • You have given us permission to use you as a reference
  • You have informed the healthcare professional that you have referred them to Healthbridge
  • The following details of the referred practice need to be provided:
    – Medical professional’s name
    – Practice number
    – Area
    – Contact number
  • The referred healthcare professional must be signed up & actively using Healthbridge for 1 full calendar month before the referral is considered successful
  • The signed referral will be tracked on a month-to-month basis until payment is due at the end of the 2nd month
  • If the referred healthcare professional does not sign up within 3 months, the referral is considered stale and will no longer be included in the Healthbridge referral programme


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