iHealth with MxNode

An intelligent, cloud-based clinical & billing practice management solution designed to make the complicated world of anaesthetic medical billing & clinical coding easier, faster & more accurate.


Why our Anaesthetist clinical & billing practice management
solution is right for your practice


Improve your cash flow & eliminate lost revenue

  • Tariff codes & invoice optimisation eliminates under billing.
  • Correct medical aid tariffs with no missing codes means less medical aid rejections.
  • Same day invoicing & submission to funders results in earlier payments

Decreased admin burden & better time management

  • Real-time scheduling updates allows you to allocate theatre lists efficiently & prevents scheduling conflicts.
  • Know where to go and who you are treating, with real-time updates to informations & schedules.
  • Account holder verification means less capture time & more accurate invoicing.

Features that will help your practice thrive

Introducing our custom-tailored solution for Anaesthetists: iHealth with MxNode. iHealth is a comprehensive front-end, practice management system designed for practice admin & MxNode is a simple, yet powerful app designed for the Anaesthetist on the move. 

Patient Scheduling
Patient scheduling

See all your theatre lists & view individual patients directly from the app. This is made possible with an integrated scheduling calendar that links your view to the overall practice. Any updates made will reflect in real-time.

Patient quotation
Patient quotation

The innovative quotation component enables you to send quotes to patients, including patient liable amounts, on the fly. This gives you the ability to discuss costs with the patient at the bedside. 


Pre-op assessment

Capture your pre-op assessment directly into the app through easy to select options & searches, & access them on subsequent visit.

Optical patient data capturing

Optical data capturing

The app’s intelligent optical data recognition engine allows you to upload Life, Netcare & Mediclinic patient stickers or labels directly into the app using your device’s camera.

Document capture

Document capture

The app allows you to attach any clinical or billing related documents to your electronic medical record. Billing related documents can conveniently be accessed by your back office staff in iHealth.

Intelligent coding

Intelligent coding

The app’s code rules engine will help find your tariff codes & automatically select the best code combinations for you & add them to your invoice. It remembers the codes you use most often & there is also the ability to setup code templates for frequently used code combinations.

Same day invoicing

Same day invoicing

The app’s invoice engine will calculate your tariffs on the go & integrate back into the practice management system for easy, quick invoice submission.


Business Reports

On the dashboard screen you can view at a glance a summary of your work performed including i) number of patients seen, ii) hours billed & iii) Rand value of bills invoiced. You can view all your individual accounts including rand values, account numbers & current state

Available on

We understand that as an Anaesthetist you need to be able to see your schedule & do patient management on the go. That is why the MxNode app is available as a mobile & web-based application on the following platforms:

Additional back office features that will help your practice thrive

Artificial Intelligence & smart technology built into iHealth ensures that admin is made lighter for you and your practice. Giving you more time to focus on what matters, treating patients.

To view iHealth’s full offering & how it works within your practice, click here.

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