SMS Appointment Reminders
SMS Appointment Reminders

Run a savvy practice by...

...Automating appointment reminders via SMS messaging

Automated appointment reminders

You wouldn’t think getting patients to show up for an appointment they scheduled themselves would be difficult, but practices know the frustrating truth. Patients consistently
fail to come.

Unfortunately, just one no-show every day costs practices anywhere from R145 000 per annum. It also messes up your schedule & adds another piece of chaos to your day. It shouldn’t be this way.

Introducing...your newest team member:
Automated Appointment Reminders.

SMS Appointment Reminders
SMS Appointment Reminders

Save time

The average phone call? 4-8
minutes. With SMS messaging
patients can easily confirm or cancel & reschedule – without you needing to do anything

SMS Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows

Did you know that most patients who don’t show up for appointments simply forgot? That’s why automated appointment reminders cut no-show rates so drastically. They keep patients from forgetting.

SMS Appointment Reminders

Make patients happy

Not only do many patients prefer
reminders by SMS messaging, but they also appreciate them.

Take your practice
to the next level

Be sure to check out this free guide, ‘FREE SMS template guide  to enhance & grow your medical practice’ to uncover ways to book more appointments, reduce no-shows, get valuable feedback, & generate more revenue.

SMS Appointment Reminders

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