Healthbridge Specialist Bureau referral programme T&Cs

For each successfully signed Specialist referral that joins our Bureau service, the referrer* will receive the following cash incentive based on the referred medical professional’s** monthly claim value.

Incentive - Bureau

Terms and conditions

  • The referred Specialist** must not have used Healthbridge within the past 3 months.
  • The referred person must be a Specialist
  • You have given us permission to use you as a reference.
  • You have informed the Specialist that you have referred them to Healthbridge
  • The following details of the referred Specialist practice need to be provided:
    – Medical professional’s name
    – Practice number
    – Area
    – Contact number
  • The referred Specialist must be signed up and actively using Healthbridge Bureau for 1 full calendar month before the referral is considered successful.
  • The signed referral will be tracked on a month-to-month basis until payment is due at the end of the 3rd month
  • If the referred Specialist does not sign up within 3 months, the referral is considered stale and will no longer be included in the referral rewards programme.


Explanation of terms used:

*Referrer: The person who refers the Specialist to Healthbridge. This is the person recommending Healthbridge.
**The referred Specialist: The Specialist who was referred. This is the new client acquired for the referral program.

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