Healthbridge services more than 70% of the entire radiology market.
Our solution

To complement our product offerings, we support clients in the radiology space with their own dedicated team for support and after-sales service. As we understand the size of the practices in this space, their role is to ensure that your business runs smoothly, and that queries and training needs are dealt with as quickly as possible.

We provide the following services to help Radiologists. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your unique practice’s requirements.

Recommended products and services

Check patient benefits

The Benefit Checker app makes it convenient to check patients’ benefits for the majority of medical aids in one system. And with the instant responses, you won’t need to phone the medical aids anymore.


Fully-processed claiming

You will receive fully processed claim responses, indicating what the medical aids will or won’t cover. This means your staff can have an informed discussion about payment with patients before they leave your rooms.


Automated reconciliations

Did you know that a remittance advice with just a hundred lines takes approximately 2 hours to manually reconcile? Have your claims automatically reconciled for you, saving you hours of precious admin time and making your staff more efficient.

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