See how your practice is performing. Simple reports show you at a glance.

Comprehensive practice and
performance financial reports that include end-of-day and month-end reports.

Benefits that go beyond claiming
Informative reports let you stay in the know on your practice’s performance
Discover useful trends useful trends

Our reports will reveal, at a glance, useful trends in areas ranging from costs and consultation time to billing and bad debt.

Spot areas of risk
The report highlights any area of your practice that needs urgent attention, so you can address it timelessly.
Less admin

The response from the medical aid comes fully processed, so there’s no need to make phone calls to check the claim status.

Getting started with reports is easy
To discuss your practice’s unique requirements with a skilled Business Consultant, select your area of interest below:
Healthbridge 360
Service suite with partner PMAs. Read more
Resources for you

Running a practice isn’t easy. Here are a few resources that we have compiled to
help make the business side of your practice more manageable.

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