Benefit checker

Take control of your bad debt – Check patient benefits before the consultation
Most patients don’t really understand how their medical aid works and what it covers. You can check that for them. It’s quick, simple, with confirmation if patients are valid members and how much will be paid for their consultation. No more calling different medicals aids or visiting many different websites to check.
For the full list of medical schemes Benefit checker is connected to, click here.
Benefits that go beyond claiming
Over 1 000 medical professionals and radiologists experience the
advantages of checking patient benefits.
No nasty surprises
You know immediately how much of the consultation will be covered by the medical aid.
Quick and easy
You get the information you need at the click of a mouse, instead of having to waste time phoning or visiting different websites.
Gives your patients peace-of-mind
We’ve got you covered, from general practice to optometry. We have the tools and resources you need to give your patients better care, and grow your practice.
Getting started with Benefit Checker is easy
To discuss your practice’s unique requirements with a skilled Business
Consultant, select your area of interest below:
Resources for you
Running a practice isn’t easy. Here are a few resources that we have compiled to
help make the business side of your practice more manageable.
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