Healthbridge has partnered with the major private pathology groups.
Recommended products and services

We provide the following services to help Pathologists. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.


Validate patient information

To reduce claim rejections, due to incorrect patient details, practices are able to submit a Patient Validation prior to submitting claims to medical aids.


Fully-processed claiming

Our ability to send claims in real time to medical aids ensures direct processing with immediate line-by-line responses. This allows the pathology lab to react immediately and recover debt sooner and more effectively.


Results delivery

Receiving laboratory reports electronically has greatly enhanced the practice of medicine by enabling doctors to make decisions faster about the treatment and management of patients.With our results delivery software doctors can retrieve their patients’ laboratory results faster, more conveniently and securely. Healthbridge currently delivers electronic pathology results for Ampath, Lancet and Pathcare to our doctor clients.

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