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Dr Esat
Paediatrician | General Practitioner, Robertsham

I didn’t want a ‘one-size-fits-all’ product. The system had to flow the way doctors want to work. Healthbridge Clinical is based on the SOAP model & enables doctors to capture consultations by either typing their notes or by using easy to click through templates, or a combination of both.

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Dr Castelyn
General Practitioner, Blairgowrie

The system needed to be able to trend patient data, so I could provide better patient care. Patient paper files makes trending data almost impossible. Healthbridge Clinical easily collates important patient data into meaningful trending graphs, giving you insight into your patient’s health over time.

Landing Page Practice Management Software

Dr Israel
General Practitioner, Melrose North

I needed a solution that could send billing data seamlessly to my billing system. Healthbridge Clinical automatically converts your diagnosis, procedures, consumables & medication into billing instructions that can be sent directly to medical aids, or saved to be sent by staff later.


Dr Phuti Moloto
General Practitioner

“I love the automated SMS reminders. Patients would come in for their scheduled check-up and show me the messages they received. It worked really well.”

Electronic Clinical Notes, EMR & EHR Solutions

Are you spending more time with yellow patient paper files than with patients? Healthbridge can change that with our intuitive & easy to use Electronic Clinical Notes / EMR / EHR platforms that have been designed specifically for the healthcare professional at the practice.


Become a paperless practice

Create scripts, sick notes, referrals & clinical notes electronically. Plus, have all your Ampath & Lancet patient pathology reports sent directly to your patient file.


Access your practice anywhere, anytime

Cloud-based technology enables you to store rich clinical information that can be easily accessed as & when you need it, from wherever you may be.


Monitor patient progress over time

Store patient clinical metrics such as height, weight, blood pressure, BMI & more. Over time, spot trends & warning signals.

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Make practice admin simple with easy to use billing services

Healthbridge’s clinical software solutions

Healthbridge’s Electronic Clinical Notes / EMR / EHR software works together with Healthbridge Billing, giving you all the right tools to help you manage your practice’s scheduling, clinical records, billing & so much more. There are two clinical options available: i) Healthbridge Clinical (For General Practitioners & Consulting Specialists) & ii) myMPS with Clinical Notes (For Allied Healthcare Professionals)

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