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Telehealth: The ultimate guide to buying, implementing & maximising revenue

Social distancing, physical distancing and ‘flattening the curve’ are all terms that have become synonymous with the new normal.  The outbreak of Coronavirus has had numerous implications on all aspects of everyday life. One such implication is that it has forced businesses to find alternative ways to operate without direct contact with customers.  The same is true for medical practices who have acknowledged that COVID-19 has created an urgent need for doctors to consult with patients remotely. 

Pre-corona, telehealth was arguably met with scepticism. Was it really a workable solution for seeing patients? And was there truly a demand for remote consultations? Since the outbreak, and in anticipation for many more, the simple answer is ‘yes’ – telehealth is a practical, safe alternative to in-person consults that patients want. 

Limiting regulations by industry bodies, both locally and internationally, has resulted in the often ‘light implementation’ of telehealth solutions. As such, medical practices who wanted to replicate the benefits of telehealth in their businesses were left without a reliable roadmap on how to do so. Until now.    

This eGuide provides an overview checklists and decisions that need to be considered to successfully implement telehealth in your practice.

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