Patient-centred care

4 ways patient-centred care can generate revenue

4 ways patient-centred care can generate revenue

Patient-centred care is fast becoming one of the most notable healthcare trends globally for one good reason: it identifies the important role that the patient has in the success of their own healthcare. This relatively new concept replaces the provider-centred care model, whereby doctors prescribe standardised treatment for most patients with similar diagnoses or conditions. But our ability to analyse data together with advances in medicine and a more consumer-driven system means that tailored healthcare that recognises patients as individuals is not going away.

Patient-centred care is based on collaboration and shared decision making between doctors and patients to create (and follow through on) a comprehensive care plan. Studies have proven how effective this model can be in improving patient care and satisfaction. But those same studies have proven that patient-centred care also decreases costs, thereby improving total practice revenue.

This ebook aims to demonstrate how a shift in practice culture can be good for your income. We’ve outlined 4 different ways in which patient-centred care can generate more revenue for your practice.

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