New Funds Check verifies benefit status of Medscheme patients

Healthbridge has just launched Funds Check

Funds Check is a product which enables a medical practice to find out within seconds what portion of a Medscheme patient’s consultation will be paid from the patient’s day-to-day benefit.

Funds Check, which is part of Healthbridge’s broader Benefit Checker product, also validates the patient’s membership of a particular medical plan. Because the response is received electronically within seconds, the practice can discuss payment options with the patient before the consultation, rather than after, and avoid the likelihood of late payment.

In today’s tough economic times, medical practitioners cannot afford delays in getting paid. Delays impair cashflow and increase bad debt. If Funds Check shows there are enough funds in a patient’s medical savings account, the patient can proceed to their consultation. If the account has been exhausted, the practice can ask the patient how they intend to settle their account prior to the consultation. This is a much easier discussion to have than trying to get money after the consultation.

Funds Check is simple to use. The user enters the patient’s medical aid membership details and an estimated claim amount for the consultation. The system provides the desired response within seconds. It’s important to note that Funds Check does not reserve funds; it merely conveys information about those funds at the time of the enquiry.

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