myMPS: practice made perfect

We all know that rapid advancements in technology have been propelling digital disruption in several, if not all, industries. The Healthcare industry is no exception. To run a good business, a medical practice simply cannot thrive without the right technology.

According to Luis da Silva, MD of Healthbridge, the present business model for medical practitioners is under strain. “Too much time is spent on administrative duties. For example, if a doctor could rather spend that time on seeing an extra patient a day working on the average 15-minute consultation, his bottom-line would increase by 10%,” he says. These practice pain points helped our team of developers in both South Africa and the Ukraine build myMPS, an innovative solution making it easier for medical practitioners to run good businesses, provide better patient experience and get paid faster.

myMPS is built on the latest cloud-computing technologies. This allows it to deliver faster and smarter solutions. By placing the innovative platform in the cloud, clients can connect not only to Healthbridge’s own exciting technologies, but also to other partners for more value, at far greater speeds. This encourages industry-wide interconnectivity, meaning everyone can thrive together. For instance, look out for an immanent partnership with Discovery which will allow access to Discovery’s HealthID directly within the myMPS platform. Healthbridge is exploring further partnerships with Snap Scan payments, integrations into medicolegal services to allow real time transactions and scanning of patient documents to the cloud.

“There is also optional Dr App that can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet or computer; myMPS puts the control back in the hands of the medical professional by enabling them to get the right information at the right time, from anywhere in the world,” says da Silva.

For more information on our cloud-based myMPS platform, please click here, fill in your details and a Healthbridge Business Consultant will be in contact with you to provide advice.

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