myMPS- medical practice service Q&A

Healthbridge has launched myMPS, a fast and user-friendly integrated online service, designed specifically for doctors to capture billing instructions on a tablet.

At the same time, benefit checking and reconciliation functions are automated for staff on the website ( This is the first time in South Africa that a system of this nature has been developed for the medical profession. During the six month pilot period, over 10 000 billing instructions were accurately and efficiently processed.

How does this save time for doctors and their administrative staff?

Time devoted to administration in a practice is onerous. myMPS now reduces hours spent on checking benefits, billing and reconciling practice accounts. An online calendar with automated benefit checks helps streamline the patient check-in process. By means of a simple tablet application, billing instructions are captured and sent by the doctor between patient visits with just three simple taps.

Staff work from an online inbox that contains items requiring action such as rejected claims or claims with a balance. In addition, automated reconciliations ensure that staff don’t waste time doing it manually. Escalations and queries meant for the doctor’s attention are significantly reduced, giving him or her peace of mind that the practice is running efficiently.

How does this help doctors with their billing?

Claims are submitted in real-time and any outstanding amounts can be collected before the patient leaves. As part of the initial practice set-up on the new system, commonly used billing instructions, including ICD codes, medicine and consumables are created as ‘favourite’ templates so that doctors can bill accurately for the service provided.

I’m not familiar with all this technology. How will I cope?

You needn’t worry, it operates like a smartphone. A practice can be up and running in a few days. On-going support is also provided, with over 20 hours invested in consulting and support to ensure the practice is using optimally.

If I need more information or assistance, who do I contact?

We have a team of Business Consultants who are ready to demonstrate myMPS. It is available now and we will have you trained in a day. You can contact us through our call centre +27860 200 222  or email

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