Benefit Checker – Getting the most of out of myMPS

Benefit Checker – Getting the most of out of myMPS

When patients have depleted their medical aid benefits, this can have a direct and negative impact on your practice if patients are unaware of their available funds and leave your practice without paying for services. It’s the primary reason why more and more practices are performing benefits checks as standard procedure when patients book an appointment. What’s more is that as a myMPS user, you can mitigate the risk of bad debt without the additional admin burden on your front-of-office staff. 

The myMPS Benefit Checker automatically runs a benefit check on patients when they make an appointment. Adding their consultation to the calendar means that your staff knows whether the patient has funds or needs to settle in cash without having to phone the medical aid. They can then communicate that information to the patient in question before they arrive at your practice. Our data shows that patients who are aware of possible out-of-pocket expenses beforehand are much more likely to settle their invoices immediately and in full. This alone gives you much greater control over your cash flow and possibility of bad debt. 

The Benefit checker is included in your myMPS package at no additional cost. It makes good business and financial sense to make use of the feature as an additional value-add to your staff carrying out routine administration. 

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