Mental illness – the ‘invisible elephant’ in the waiting room

Luis da Silva, Managing Director at Healthbridge, spoke to CEO at PPO Serve, Dr Brian Ruff, about the management of mental illness within the South African healthcare sector.

What is the impact of mental illness on other conditions?

Dr Brian Ruff explores the ‘invisible elephant’ in the room and how complex conditions such as orthopedic spinal surgery can be impacted by mental illness.

What role do medical schemes play in managing mental illness?

What role does the General Practitioner play in the treatment of mental illness? Are they set up for success?

Ideally healthcare should be dealt with as a team. Dr Brian Ruff discusses the role and limitations of isolated treatment.

What role does data and technology play in the management of mental illness?

“Tech implemented for the right reason can be liberating – however, it should never become the tail that wags the dog.” – Dr.  Brian Ruff discusses the role of tech in the advancement of treatment.

When we look at the issue of mental wellness perhaps the first port of call is a holistic response to patient care.

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