Meet myMPS, the #1 system for your practice

Every medical practitioner wants their practice to have the freedom to do more. But, that kind of freedom can sometimes be costly. That is why some solutions will offer minimalist versions of their systems to lower prices… but that usually means less functionality.

We’re not that kind of business. We’ve designed a system for medical professionals by medical professionals – that means no cutting corners. myMPS is a system that utilises first-world technology and cloud-based software that can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet or computer. It’s your practice in your pocket, and the benefits go beyond treating patients.

  • Get paid faster for better cash flow

With our up-to-date pricing templates and easy to use claiming templates, you can send claims instantly at the maximum allowable values with minimal rejection rates.

  • Go paperless

Spend less time with yellow files and admin by managing patient visit history, pathology reports, clinical notes and so much more electronically.

  • Help when you need it

Support beyond the standard expectation. If you need help, we have skilled consultants that can give you advice based on your unique practice requirements.

  • Run the business side of your practice from anywhere

By accessing your business anytime, from any internet-connected device – phone, tablet, or computer. With cloud-based technology, software updates are easy and instant. Having time to focus on patients is important, but good cash flow enables you to run a good business. Join the business partner that over 2 000 medical practitioners trust with their cloud-based services.

Want to learn more? Click here, fill out your contact details and one of our Business Consultants will contact you for a demo.

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