Manage the vital signs in your practice with Healthbridge 360

Manage the vital signs in your practice with Healthbridge 360

Like any business, a medical practice needs to manage systems and processes. Whether you have a practice that is just starting out, or a particularly busy and growing practice, it is essential that your administration is kept on track and up to date.

In the same way you meticulously examine and diagnose a patient, your practice should have routine check-ups. Monitor your weekly and monthly patient turnovers. Ensure you have an efficient appointment schedule aligned with the type of consultation and the expectations of the patient. Analyse your cash flow, anticipating the peaks and troughs through the year to keep an even financial keel.

These might be some of the more obvious considerations. What you absolutely do want peace of mind over, however, is to check availability of the patient’s medical aid funds and have any outstanding balance settled at consultation. With Healthbridge 360, this is not only immediately confirmed online, but fully processed and automatically reconciled in minutes.

Healthbridge itself is not just a tried and tested system that works for thousands of practices across the country. There is good reason why the Healthbridge approach and methodology has become the trusted business name in private practice. As a medical practitioner, you are partnered with a desk-side manner that actively advises you of the benefits, value and process.

Medical disciplines differ. So do practices. You will also have personal preferences for the way you like to manage your patients’ experience. Healthbridge takes all of that on-board, too, to ensure your practice enjoys a right-sized level of application that purposefully enhances and simplifies the business administration of your practice.

You are not simply left to your own devices to install and apply off-the-peg software. Says Healthbridge MD, Luis da Silva, “Think of us as the silent partner in your practice that is, actually, quite actively engaged. It’s a support partnership that steps in at the right time.”

Drs Rajkissor and Vanmari, who run a high-traffic, community-allied practice, simply do not have the hours in their day to oversee day-to-day administration.

“I think for most doctors”, says Dr Rajkissor, “they would rather be seeing patients, than be involved in admin. We are able to concentrate on patients, without a cloud in our mind. Knowing the account is going to get paid, we can treat the patient quicker.”

Rajkissor goes on to verify the doctor-focused culture of the support team. “What I notice about Healthbridge is they take an interest in your practice.” Partner, Dr Vanmari concurs. “Healthbridge makes the administration of the practice much easier, in terms of submission of claims, reconciliation of payments and checking of patient benefits.”

Regarding the real-time checking and processing of medical aid claims, Rajkissor is straight talking: “It offers us certainty. We don’t have to guess. We don’t have to hesitate when we see a patient.” Tellingly, there has been “a significant reduction” in their bad debt.

Ultimately, the real benefit of a Healthbridge-boosted practice is that the patient enjoys dedicated, professional focus from the doctor. Adds da Silva, “If the practice runs smoothly and profitably, the energy is transferred to satisfied and happy patients. The commercial side of the practice is appropriately isolated so that the doctor’s time is freed up to pursue an engaging and meaningful relationship.”

When patients share their great experience, this can only be good for the reputation of the practice. A “good business” approach translates into rooms that have the freedom to strive for very “best practice”.

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