Limited practice staff

Building your practice with limited staff

No matter how big or small your medical practice may be, you will always face staffing challenges. When you are limited on staff, it can be difficult to manage everything that needs to be done. In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to build & run your practice with limited staff.

Online appointment bookings

Utilising an online appointment booking platform streamlines registration and enables practices to more quickly and easily retrieve completed patient forms and medical aid verification. It also doesn’t require manual interventions from staff as details are captured by the patient & automated SMS appointment reminders are sent at the appropriate time interval. Plus, if you use a good platform, patient benefits should also automatically be checked for you ahead of time so that staff don’t need to do it.

Patient Engagement tools

Patients who are engaged in their care are more likely to stick to their treatment plans & follow up visits. One easy way to communicate with patients without burdening staff is with bulk SMS reminders. Time for flu vaccinations? Added a new service to your practice? Send mass personalised messages to your patients to keep them engaged & returning to your practice with little to no time and effort.  

Medical billing software 

If your staff complement is stretched by admin-intensive tasks such as appointment reminders, verifying patient information, checking patient benenfits, reconcilling remittances & reporting then it’s time for a medical billing software that integrates with your clinical notes. The right billing software will automate manual, repetitive tasks so your team – however big or small – can concentrate on creating an exceptional patient experience.  

Electronic medical records (EMRs) 

EMRs that are integrated with billing software takes the error-prone, admin burden out of receiving and processing billing instructions. The right technology seamlessly converts clinical notes into billing instructions that are sent directly to staff or medical aid for processing. 


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