Tips to Light up your Practice During Power Outages

Tips to Light up your Practice During Power Outages


  1. Get the load shedding schedule on sharenet
    You can get the early warning alerts for your area through subscribing to Sharenet, to help you schedule around the power outage.
  2. Protect against surges
    You can get surge protectors from retailers like Game or Makro. Surge protectors regulate power supply upon restoration of electricity.
  3. Swap your desktop for a laptop
    To avoid losing any unsaved work, and to keep you mobile and working throughout the power outage, swap your desktop for a laptop.
  4. Powerbank device for your tablets/laptops
    A powerbank device will also help you keep smartphones and laptops charged. There are numerous options on the market with a wide range of prices and specs.
  5. Connectivity options
    If the broadband is off along with the lights, swapping to a 3G connection will get you straight back online. 3G dongles and “MiFi” devices are available from all the networks, on contract or a prepaid data basis.
  6. Alternative power sources
    You can consider getting an inverter which can supply power to a computer, a modem or even light. Alternatively, you can also look at investing in a portable generator. There are various on the market depending on the specs and the size.
  7. Confirm your claims
    If you use paper to write your claims and capture them later, use the Claims Submission Report to check if you have submitted everything.
  8. Prioritise your day!
    Include power outages in your daily schedule so you don’t have to halt your day when electricity goes off.
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