How to use technology to help your practice save time

Patient care is almost always time-constrained due to an overflow of patients, staff inefficiencies, and an often demanding admin system-compounded with a restricted number of hours in a day. Looking for ways to do more in less time is challenging.

In our last blog post we suggested some tactics you can use in your practice to improve productivity. Technology being one such tactic, and as promised, in this post we will expand on different technologies which can help you save time, and ultimately improve practice productivity.We have conducted the research and compiled a list of 3 simple technologies that you can use,to create instant time savings for you and your practice.

1. Online calendar with integrated benefit checks

Many healthcare practitioners still rely on a paper diary and phone calls when it comes to setting, and following up- on patient appointments.Investing in a simple technology like an online calendar with automated benefit checks makes it not only easier to find and track patients, but it will save admin staff a lot of time too.

This is because, checking patient benefits can be a timely affair. Your staff need to call different medicals aids or visit many different websites to check if a patient has funds. These phone calls/web visits can be lengthy, especially during peak times. Therefore, by having benefit checks automated, staff no longer need to conduct lengthy phone/web checks through medical aids. They have this information available, in the patient online calendar entry, before the patient even arrives. Not only does this take away a big administrative burden, but it opens up time for admin staff to discuss payment options with patients who don’t have funds, prior to consult.

2. Automated reconciliations

You can’t avoid reconciling, but you do have a choice as to how you do reconciliations. After studying clients who went from manual to automated reconciliations, we calculated that the average time to reconcile 100 claims went from 2 hours to 10 minutes, respectively. That is a saving of 1 hour and 50 minutes!

Using technology to automate reconciliations means that staff can follow up sooner with patient liable amounts, and in turn free up their time, so they can focus on other areas of the practice. Plus, there is less chance of finger errors.

3. Electronic reports

Getting involved in the business side of your practice while you are treating patients may be challenging. Both sides require careful management and focused effort. Having a tool to track practice patterns and patient behaviour will help give you a sense of direction, about where your energy needs to be focused.

Smart business insight reports that are created electronically, based on practice data, enable you to know how your practice is performing at a glance. No more guess work or lengthy investigations. Save time and make decisions quickly and confidently.


There are a limited number of hours in a day. Instead of trying to do too much too quickly, you can choose to collaborate with technology and work more efficiently. So, swap the paper pile with an online calendar, reduce phone calls to medical aid with automated benefit checks, and keep your priorities and goals clear by tracking practice data.

Using technology will save you precious time that you can then use to focus on the bigger picture – treating patients.

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