Healthbridge presents at prestigious international data conference

Healthbridge, a leading health-tech solutions company, was invited to present at the 22nd Annual Enterprise Data World (EDW) Conference, the most comprehensive educational conference on data management in the world.

During the six-day event, which took place from 22 – 27 April 2018 in San Diego, California, Healthbridge’s Data Analytics Specialist – JG Cowper – joined data professionals from around the globe to present and share their case studies, experiences, best practices and knowledge pertaining to data management. Everything from data governance and stewardship to data architecture to business intelligence (BI), and more was covered.

Healthbridge was invited to the conference as a local leader in the transformation of healthcare and the democratisation of data. During Cowper’s presentation on Tuesday, 24th April, he shared South Africa’s unique data management perspectives and the challenges and opportunities that we face as a developing country. Through a case study, Cowper illustrated how an ophthalmology data aggregation and analytics initiative has helped to transform an entire medical society from a point of disarray to a position where surgeons feel in control of their industry. He also demonstrated how the resulting data insights have encouraged these surgeons to leverage big data to better serve their patients.

“Prior to our invitation, I challenged the conference organisers to give a voice to data specialists in developing countries so that we can talk about the challenges we face and the solutions we have developed,” said Cowper.

“At Healthbridge, we’ve been involved in a project called ‘prescribing data glasses to surgeons’, which gives surgeons deep insights and perspective into their industry which enables them to successfully negotiate on behalf of their businesses, as well as on behalf of their patients with insurers and other healthcare professionals. We’ve enabled them to take an active participative role in terms of how they can use data insights to better support their members and their patients,” continued Cowper.

“Healthbridge is using advanced data management techniques to provide doctors with unambiguous and non-biased insights into their industry. It has been exciting to see doctors take a progressive and pioneering approach to their industry and the changes that they need to lead.  They are now empowered to make informed decisions for their patients and their societies as a whole.” said Cowper.

At the heart of Healthbridge is the need to help healthcare practices understand how data insights can be applied to help facilitate the efficiency and management of practices. “The Healthbridge BI team’s role is to make products that allow different bodies to discuss the important issues and to see each other’s perspectives. We have a rich data set that is our doctors’ data, and we look to package it in such a way that it helps medical professionals to run better practices, see opportunities before they arise, and negotiate a stronger position at the table when it comes to the other stakeholders in healthcare,” concluded Cowper.

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