Healthbridge launches myPatientFiles to support practices going paperless

Healthbridge has launched a new digital file storage platform for medical professionals to securely scan, upload, store and share their patient files in a digital environment.

The new product, called myPatientFiles, is an add-on feature to Healthbridge’s market-leading cloud-based clinical offering, the Dr App, which allows medical professionals to streamline their entire patient management process from the convenience of their mobile device.

The launch of the new myPatientFiles feature is part of Healthbridge’s on-going strategy to provide their healthcare clients with invaluable digital tools and insights to run an efficient and cost-effective practice. By using the myPatientFiles feature, medical professionals and their administrative staff can digitise their practice by scanning and uploading patient records and documents, as well as existing electronic files such as images, PDFs, Google docs and Microsoft Word documents, into the Dr App. The user-friendly search and organise functionality within the feature ensures that the digitised patient documents can be easily accessed when needed and also seamlessly shared with referring specialists and other healthcare providers.

“At Healthbridge we are dedicated to helping our clients in the healthcare industry embrace digital health and all the benefits associated with it. We are therefore very excited to introduce our newest product offering, myPatientFiles, which truly makes the Dr App even more beneficial to medical professionals and their practices,” said Healthbridge Product Manager, Jithen Paramanund.

“myPatientFiles was specifically designed to ease the transition from a paper-based practice to a digital one. With a quick scan of the original yellow patient medical files, through myPatientFiles the digital copies can be simply organised into a specific folder and accessed and shared when needed, irrespective of location due to the mobile, cloud functionality. Changes to notes, for example, are also tracked during follow up patient visits, clearly identifying the doctor who made them. Paperless practices are the way of the future and we are dedicated to helping our customers achieve this goal,” continued Paramanund.

There are numerous benefits to migrating from a paper-based practice to a digital one. Not only do digital paper files alleviate the space that paper-based files occupy, but they also offer security in case the paper records get damaged or lost. Having a digital archive also saves valuable time in being able to do a quick, secure search for the correct file from the convenience of a mobile device.

“The biggest advantage of myPatientFiles is that doctors have uncapped storage in the cloud so they can upload an unlimited amount of documents and images. We’ve also added a useful functionality where doctors can capture their patient’s picture and store it with all their information so that they can always have a face to the diagnosis,” concluded Paramanund.

The myPatientFiles feature is available to Healthbridge customers already using the free Dr App for an add-on monthly fee. For more information, visit 

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