Healthbridge delivers Medscheme real-time benefit checks

Healthbridge delivers Medscheme real-time benefit checks

Medical practices can now check the benefit levels of their Medscheme patients within seconds, and receive an immediate, detailed, real-time response.

This is a result of a new partnership between Healthbridge and Medscheme.

It builds on a fund-check service launched earlier this year which provided real-time responses for all Medscheme benefit checks. This latest initiative is much faster, and provides a more detailed, line-by-line response. There is no longer any need for medical practices to trawl through various websites or call the various medical aids to confirm patient benefits.

The query searches across all benefits, and provides a detailed response of what is covered and which benefit cover is used. This is particularly useful towards year-end, when patients’ funds tend to be exhausted.

Alternatively, a medical practice might just want to determine if a Medscheme patient has enough funds to cover the consultation, in which case they can simply do a funds check from within the Benefit Checker system.

Benefit Checker works best when used in combination with our core offering to clients: the real-time submission and automatic reconciliation of claims. For those practices already running Healthbridge 360, Benefit Checker is automatically included.

“It’s all about giving medical practices the information they need when they need it, so they don’t have to waste time chasing up unpaid bills,” says Dhiya Gobind, Benefit Checker Product Manager. “And that means less bad debt and improved cashflow.”

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