Healthbridge bridges the online gap

How Healthbridge is bridging the online gap

Healthbridge offers a range of services that allows for financial and medical information exchange between medical practitionershospitalspathology laboratoriesradiologists and medical aids. Last year alone, over 40-million transactions were generated among 5 500 medical practitioners, made up of GPs, Specialists, Optometrists, Dentists and Auxiliary practices.

Healthbridge recently launched a new website as a compliment to their overall brand refresh strategy. The main objective of the launch was to offer doctors an opportunity to engage with the brand in an online experience. The website not only offers medical practitioners information on solutions to their everyday business needs, but creates a community encounter where medical practitioners can register for CPD courses from an online calendar; watch doctors sharing their Healthbridge experience from a video portal and discover interesting trends within the medical industry from a monthly industry insights newsletter.

“We want our website to deliver an online experience that truly speaks to medical practitioners and their unique needs,” says Liza de Beer, Brand and Digital manager at Healthbridge. “We want to illustrate our commitment to helping medical practitioners run sound practices through innovative services that help streamline their admin process and ensure they get optimally paid for the services they provide.”

The responsive website makes use of parallax and has a comprehensive navigation bar so that the website is ergonomic, visually appealing and easy to navigate. It also provides easy linkages into their product portals streamlining their complete online presence.

For the development of the new website, Liza de Beer and her advertising agency, partnered with ThoughtCorp, an online marketing and development agency, with a team of consultants, designers, developers, marketers and communications specialists. “They were a pleasure to work with, very responsive if you have queries,” says Liza de Beer. “The website speaks for itself, it really is performing exceptionally well.”

Although the new site has only been live for a few weeks, having gone live in the first half of August, the organisation has already seen an increase in contact through the website.

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