Healthbridge 360- Good business. Best practice.

Healthbridge 360- Good business. Best practice.

Despite persistent economic volatility, business needs to run as consistently and efficiently as possible. A medical practice is no different. In fact, as the pressure and stress of our daily grind takes its toll, it is specifically the medical professions that are expected to provide a bedrock of stability, keeping the nation physically and mentally healthy.

But who looks out for the medical professionals? How do the trusted doctors essentially ‘self-medicate’ to ensure that they remain solid, viable pillars of healthcare in their communities?

Being really good at what you do does help. But to run a successful medical practice requires not just a medical degree, but also a degree of administrative know-how. Some of us may have a natural inclination towards the paperwork. Most medical professionals, however, want to be focusing on what they know and do best: treating patients.

That means freeing up as much as your schedule as possible to focus on quality time with your patients. And that is precisely what Healthbridge does best.

Healthbridge 360 is a dedicated programme that has been refined through years of engaging and adapting to the modern demands of professional medical practice. Patterns of patient volumes are monitored and analysed. With this comes cash flow projection, carefully plotting the ebbs and flows of your financial health throughout the year.

Most importantly, Healthbridge 360 affords you real-time confirmation of a patient’s available medical aid funds. Prior to appointments, your front desk is able to isolate and manage the transactional part of the consultation, ensuring that your professional time is properly covered and paid for.

Dr Pillay has over 20 years of private practice as a specialist paediatrician. As his cosmopolitan practice grew, so he realised the need for more rigorous administration. His practice has been a happy Healthbridge client since 2007.

“We’ve been exceptionally happy with their services,” says Dr Pillay of Healthbridge, “not only in terms of the program … but more importantly is the actual back-up and call-outs when we have problems, and for me I value that tremendously.”

Healthbridge MD, Luis da Silva, is determined that this reputation for committed business partnership continues to grow meaningful, long-term relationships. “We understand intimately the dynamics of running general and specialist practices,” notes da Silva. “No practice is the same. No doctor is just another doctor. That’s why our service levels are specifically tailored to a practice’s specific needs and expectations.”

Emphatically, Dr Pillay notes that “Healthbridge 360 has reduced my book debt by approximately two-thirds of what it used to be.” He is particularly enthusiastic when sharing the positive side-effects. “With my staff, the benefit of 360 has psychologically lifted their spirit. They’re very much more upbeat about their work. Everyone’s working very much more smoothly on a financial level and on a billing level.”

“We make no bones about the difference we want to make in our doctor-clients’ lives,” says da Silva. “It is our single-minded business interest and focus to ensure that doctors enjoy way more than just a proven admin system. We participate, we listen, we learn and we reconfigure to keep enhancing the value we add to every practice.”

It lives up to Healthbridge’s core belief that, when a practitioner runs consulting rooms like a “good business”, the ultimate reward to patients is to enjoy the very “best practice” the doctor has to offer.

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