Flu Season – Help your patients fight the flu this winter

Help your patients fight the flu this winter

You will have noticed that flu season is well underway by the number of patients visiting your practice with fevers, sore throats and stuffy noses. Chances are that most of those patients want a prescription for antibiotics, many of them might not realise that they can avoid the flu virus altogether by getting the flu shot.

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) recommends getting the vaccine before flu season starts in March. But even now, you can still help your patients reduce their chances of getting the flu for the rest of the season. But encouraging your patients to get the flu vaccine every year is as important as it is laborious if you are doing so at every consultation. Even sending out an email to your entire patient population can take up more time than your practice can spare.

The fastest and most convenient way to remind your patients to come in for their flu shot is to send them an SMS. As a myMPS user, you can now reach all your patients instantly with the new Bulk SMS feature.

Activating the Bulk SMS feature for myMPS is easy. Receive 100 free SMS’s to prompt 100 of your patient to protect themselves against the flu within minutes.

You can also use the feature to share information with your patients about the importance of the flu vaccine in reducing the incidents and severity of the flu virus, particularly for school-going children, pregnant women, elderly patients and patients with chronic conditions. Your patients will appreciate the contact from you and the practice.

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