Everything you need to know about electronic medical records (EMRs)

In this eGuide, we outline everything you need to know about EMRs

There’s a good chance that if you’re reading this, you will be familiar with software systems designed specifically for healthcare. Software has become the norm in private practices as doctors actively look for ways to speed up and streamline admin, and keep better track of practice finances. But much the same way that technology has brought efficiency to paper-based tasks from a decade ago, there was also a need to improve the management of patient information so that it was more accessible and useful to treating doctors and medical practitioners when analysing data. From that need came the EMR.

In recent years, EMRs have been embraced as a critical component to delivering better quality healthcare. It’s one of the reasons why EMRs are here to stay and why it’s important for medical practitioners to know how EMRs play a pivotal part in medical record keeping.

We discuss its uses, benefits and challenges. Use this guide to garner a better understanding of what an EMR is and what you should look for when purchasing one for your medical practice.

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