COVID-19 toolkit

COVID-19 Patient communication toolkit

With the onset of COVID-19, we’ve all been experiencing unprecedented changes in our lives. During this time, communication with patients has never been more important.

As such, we’ve put together a pack of communications which you could use to keep your patient community informed & empowered during these uncertain times.

Each communication is completely editable and is available as a set of templates for you to distribute as needed.

The pack contains suggested communications that cater for the following scenarios:

  1. How patients should engage with your practice if they suspect COVID-19 exposure. 
  2. Information to reassure patients of their safety should they visit the practice for any other conditions
  3. A poster that can be printed and displayed within your practice.

To access this toolkit, click here.

We will continue to support medical professionals whichever way we can through this challenging time.

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