Anti-New Year's Resolutions

The anti-New Year’s resolutions that could change your medical practice

The start of a brand new year is a natural time to reflect on the year that’s passed & set goals going forward. It goes without saying that the last two years have been largely characterised by the global pandemic – rapid changes, sudden losses, extended uncertainty, unexpected gains, high highs, & incredibly low lows. A stark reminder that things don’t always work out as planned. Given that the success rate of sticking to New Year’s resolutions is less than 50%, you might wonder what the point is of making them at all?

Looking ahead at the year ahead, you might be tempted to take a radically different approach to resolutions or goal setting. Instead of making a long list of promises that you may or may not keep, why not make a shortlist of things you won’t do in the new year? 

Below is a list of our top 5 anti-resolutions for healthcare professionals.


1. I will no longer use paper to manage my patients

Although paper has remained the tried & tested medium for many years, there are some unfortunate drawbacks to using only paper in your practice. Such as i) having to deal with lost files & documents, which may result in more time spent trying to locate the documents & writing up new ones ii) Or the higher probability of errors when using paper as opposed to electronic capturing. By going paperless, you can store patient data & history electronically, therefore reducing errors & the chance of lost files.

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) can help you stick to this anti-resolution. Record, store, & access patient files electronically so they are always available, up-to-date, & more accurate than paper. To learn more about EMRs & how they can help your practice, download our FREE ebook: Everything you need to know about EMRs.


2. I will no longer waste time on admin that can be automated

As a healthcare professional, you will know that a good chunk of healthcare is admin. In fact, it’s very likely that your practice staff spend disproportionate amounts of time on administrative tasks. Implementing the right digital solution will automate the manual time-consuming (& often redundant) tasks – freeing you & them up to carry out more important patient- & business functions.

Swap your appointment book for an online calendar. Have your patient benefits automatically checked for you instead of spending hours on the phone to medical aids. Send out automated SMS reminders instead of calling every patient to remind them of their appointment. Send claims in real time & minimise calls to medical aids. Automate reconciliations & generate practice performance reports at the click of a button.  For more ways to automate your practice admin, click here.


3. I will not waste resources chasing patients with outstanding debt

Following up with patients about outstanding payments can entail numerous phone calls, emails, letters, & third-party services.  Collecting an everyday co-payment from a patient can take months & cost you more money than its worth. That’s where a technology partner can help. With technology in place, you can send claims in real-time & collect from your patient before they leave your practice. You can also send SMS payment reminders. Technology can go a long way in improving your practice finances

If it’s more appealing or practical to have a technology partner to help you manage the billing admin of your practice completely, click here for more insight into how a Bureau provider can take away your money headaches. 


4. I will no longer duplicate data capture

In days gone by, billing & clinical admin were two separate functions. Whether manual or digital, the systems in place didn’t share information & couldn’t ‘talk’ to each other. This meant that data captured in the billing system, would have to be duplicated into the clinical system & vice versa. This puts a cap on the level of efficiency a practice can reach. The only way around it is to ensure your medical practice software is fully integrated. 

Cloud-based software is the best way to achieve full integration & optimal efficiency. If you are still using a desktop solution, here is an ebook that will help you select a good cloud-based alternative.


5. I will no longer be bound to my medical practice’s location

The pandemic made one thing very clear – we can’t be limited to a physical address to be able to work. Patients have readily accepted digital culture & along with it – the option to see their doctor via a Telehealth appointment. In a simple example, a chronic patient didn’t want to visit their doctor’s office during the hard lockdown for fear of exposure to COVID-19. The doctor was dealing with reduced staff, loss of income & paper files as the only record of this patient’s health. In this scenario, it was easier for the patient to order products from overseas, get groceries delivered & pay bills than it was to get a repeat prescription for chronic medication.  

Like it or not, Telehealth is the future. It opens up numerous opportunities to improve workflow, expand services & revenue, & enables greater accessibility to your patients. 

For more information on buying, implementing & maximising revenue with Telehealth, click here.


This anti-New Year’s resolution list is a great first step in letting go of those things that are holding your practice back from being as successful as it can be.  If you still feel the need to make some traditional resolutions, forget making a list & rather speak to one of our skilled Business Consultants who will help you to identify key areas your practice should be focusing on in 2022. To request a complimentary practice assessment, click here.     

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