Medical coding mistakes

5 most common & costly coding mistakes

Any healthcare professional will tell you that a typical workday is divided between two primary tasks: seeing patients & admin. While the admin might not offer the same gratification as helping patients, it is necessary to ensure you get paid for your time, skills & expertise. 

The other reality of admin is that doctors can see more patients than time allows. It’s understandable that you would want to get to all the patients in your waiting room before doing any paperwork. Unfortunately, that also means admin work for a couple of hours at the end of a long day or taking work home with you to finish there. 

Brutal workloads & increasing admin requirements from medical aids & other industry bodies can have an impact on the quality of your records. Specifically, the scrutiny that claims are subjected to can result in suboptimal medical coding capture. It might seem like the fastest route to getting paid, but it is often not an accurate representation of the care provided. Over time, these errors & omissions can lead to a substantial loss in revenue for your medical practice.

You might not be ready to devote more time & energy to making sure your coding is absolutely perfect, so we’ve created an ebook that identifies the most common & costly coding errors to avoid & the simple solutions to remedy them. 

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