4 Ways to increase your medical practice revenue

January is a notoriously quiet time of year as people slowly return to work after the festive season. January is also a very tight financial month due to overspending during the holidays and higher expenses from an increase in medical aid premiums, for example. While these realities affect patients and practices alike, it’s a good time to prepare your medical practice to effectively manage any financial strain. As part of our commitment to your practice’s success, we’ve put together this ebook to help you develop an effective strategy to safeguard your practice against financial difficulties. More importantly, by following the 4 easy steps laid out, you can increase your practice’s revenue and be on your way to a healthy financial status.

In this ebook you will learn:

  • Which areas in your practice you can look at to trim costs
  • How to maximise your patient visit potential
  • How to ensure you are getting paid for all your services
  • Strategies to share costs

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