3 unexpected ways tech helps build a successful medical practice

3 unexpected ways technology helps you build a successful medical practice

Skilled, intuitive healthcare professionals are at the heart of healthcare. It’s the people who make a difference. But when you are running a business, what are some ways technology can help you to make a difference? 

We live in a fast-paced world, where time is scarce, and more people need ongoing healthcare. Technology plays a crucial role in transforming how healthcare is delivered. Digital patient management systems and/or billing software have become integral parts of modern medical practices that want to deliver better patient care and manage their medical practices more efficiently. In this blog we talk about some unexpected ways healthcare technology can help you build a successful medical practice. 

  1. Better Patient Engagement: Technology can help medical practices to engage with patients on a more personal level, building loyalty and improving patient satisfaction. BulkSMS is a simple technology that enables you to communicate personalised messages quickly and easily to your patients. SMS appointment reminders reduce no-shows and payment reminders increase the rate at which you get paid. You can also use BulkSMS to communicate changes to your practice, new services on offer or to remind patients to come in for their flu vaccination, for example. This user-friendly tool can improve patient engagement and give patients a more personalised experience.
  2. Predictive Analytics: Most medical practices initially implement technology to streamline administrative tasks and billing processes. As by-product of using electronic patient records (EMRs) with a smart billing system, your practice is generating useful data on a daily basis. The rightfully integrated solution will include reporting that is both easy to generate and straightforward to read. This can provide medical practices with valuable insights into patient behaviour, preferences, and overall health. You then have the data to make informed decisions about patient care. What’s most exciting is that trends in your data can help you identify chronic or high-risk patients that you can treat proactively to improve their health outcomes.
  3. Telehealth: Some might think that Telehealth is probably the most unexpected way that technology can help medical practices to become successful businesses. Like most industries, healthcare is shaped by consumer demands. Patients like having options and they like convenience. They’re comfortable on a video call with you instead of making the trip to your office for a consultation. By embracing telehealth, you can not only increase your patient population but boost your revenue too. 

Used strategically, these 3 technologies can help improve patient care and enhance your patient experience which means a more profitable medical practice. 

Healthbridge is the technology partner of choice for over 5000 medical practitioners across specialities. For more information about how they can help you achieve greater success, contact sales@healthbridge.co.za

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