A new medical practice

Our expertise in billing helps our clients avoid many start-up glitches. Plus, with smart automations for many of your billing processes, we can help you run a good business with minimal staff from day one.

No upfront software fees
Setting up a practice is costly. With Healthbridge, there are no upfront software fees required. This means, we only make money if you make money.
Obligation-free practice consultation
To help you get started with the business side of your practice, we have highly qualified Business Consultants who can provide advice on your unique practice setup requirements.
Help setting up with the medical aids
Registering with the medical aids is a vital part of your practice setup. We provide support with doing this quickly and efficiently so that there are no delays in your payments.

ebook: How to open a private medical practice

Download our step by step guide to ensure your new private medical practice thrives

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Tips to help you run a good business

Location is key

It is advisable to select a location that is highly visible and heavy trafficked. You will get patients just by being visible.


Having good staff is essential

Patients will “chose you or lose you” just based on who you hire. Start with just one employee to answer the phone and add more as you get busier.


Get a good accountant

Business taxes are very confusing and not all accountants know the nuances of medical practices.


Hire a good attorney as well

As a business owner, you will be entering into many contracts, from leases to sub-contracting. It is always wise to have an attorney review your contracts


Get A-rated malpractice insurance

This is not something to skimp on. Occurrence is better but more expensive. Also keep in mind that malpractice insurance is in effect only while you are paying for the premium.


Know the rules

Be an expert in coding and billing. You are responsible for any mistakes. And go through your accounts receivable on at least a monthly basis.


Never write off patient co-payments

Make adjustments for financial hardships. And this should happen rarely.


Take time for yourself.

If you get consumed with practice management and don’t balance it with things you enjoy, you will burn out.

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