Healthbridge services a large proportion of the private hospital network, including Life Healthcare and Netcare.
The Healthbridge hospital suite consists of integrated electronic messaging products.
These products have been designed by Healthbridge in partnership with hospitals and medical aid administrators to enable the integrations between hospital information systems and medical aid processing systems. Hospitals and administrators get the right information, at the right time, so that the most accurate, cost–effective decision is made.

Recommended products and services

We provide the following services to assist hospitals to perform better: Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Pre-authorisation request

From the hospital to the administrator, providing the required information for the administrator to assess the authorisation request.


Processed claim response

A claim response from the administrator to the hospital, once full claim processing has been completed, indicating what will and what won’t be paid.


Authorisation information

From the administrator to the hospital, confirming what has been authorised or the reason for declining the authorisation.


Received claim

Electronic claim sent to the administrator with up-front validation and confirmation of delivery responses back to the hospital staff more efficient.


Re-authorisation request and re-authorisation information

Same as above but catering for a re-authorisation event.


Received claim

A claim that is sent to the administrator as soon as all claim billing information has been captured.


Upfront claim validation

An immediate claim response from the administrator to the hospital confirming claim receipt, and validating all claim data required for processing the claim.

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